Friday, March 9, 2012

Milo, a Mischievous little Bear Cub

It has been busy here at the AutumnWood studio the last couple of weeks.  I am working on four new bears for the Teddies Worldwide show, which will take place  March 23 - 25, 2012, as well as on some equine drawings for an art exhibition in Kamloops.  

Amongst all this craziness, a new bear cub was born,  he is a real cutie-pie.  He is sitting on my work table at the moment, sharing with me what he plans to do when he is a fully grown grizzly bear. 

But ...

Unfortunately for tiny 5" Milo, he will have to spend his life  in a closed container until his adoption.  Panini, our official studio assistant, is always on the lookout for cute little mohair critters to prey on can be dangerous for a grizzly cub.

Milo is available for adoption at

Milo has been adopted by a wonderful collector in the US



  1. Milo is sooo cute Delane! Panini is sooo very cute also. I just love cats

    1. Hillary, thanks so much for you kind remarks on Milo. Panini is a sweetie, as long as you watch him around mohair, he just loves to grab it and run! Have a happy day.