Sunday, July 22, 2012

Nothing Good Happened after Midnight

I have a sign in my studio saying  “Studio Time: 11pm to 2pm”,    This is my favourite  time to sew my bears, the house is peaceful and my mind is quiet. 

Last night I finished an itty-bitty little elephant with droopy ears and a baby face, sooo sweet …. I think I’m in love and will keep him.

Just before 1:45am, I let the dogs out one last time. Our Jack Russell always does her 'border patrol' before she comes in and Lucy, my Shih-Poo, just plays 'follow the leader'.  Then suddenly there was a short bark followed by yowling. The next moment Jackie was at the backdoor and I could immediately see something was seriously wrong by the way she was scratching her eyes. I quickly let her in, and she plowed her face into the rugs, her bed, anything she could find. I opened the door for Lucy  and wondered at the smell outside, probably people burning  garbage or so I thought. How I came to that conclusion, I honestly don’t know, it was past midnight!   
The next moment my teenage son shouted from his room  'It smells like skunk!!'  It took me a few moments to realize what he was saying, (seriously,  some people are just slow to grasp!  meaning me!)  Then the realization, and the smell hit me, ….that smell was in the house!
By this time everyone was awake, and probably the whole neighborhood as well.  It was a crazy commotion to get Jackie outside, we bathed her eyes, mouth, and nose, trying to get the acid out of her face.  Poor thing, she looked terrible, she was in agony and in such a desperate need for help.

 We went looking for the skunk,  and we found him, happily at home in the back of the yard next to the swimming pool.  He was the cutest little thing,  so tiny, probably still in kindergarten and on his first excursion without mom. But he had a ferocious temper and the body language to go with it.  So funny!
We wanted him to return  to the forest down the street from us, where he probably came from, but he had no intention to leave his new found home.  So, hubby gently persuaded him, with the help of the garden hose, to find other pastures.

We washed rugs, dog beds, soft toys, everything that Jackie came into contact with. It was now way past 3am.  
That smell is indescribable.  I have never, ever smelled anything as pungent as this odor, it smells like burning sulfuric acid.  I grew up in Africa, saw a few skunks in my lifetime, but have never had a full encounter with any of them.  But I suppose we are lucky it was just a baby, imagine it was a big, fat daddy skunk!
We washed and washed, we sprayed, we powdered, but even with all the windows open day and night,  the smell is here to stay for a while.