Sunday, October 7, 2012

Tired Dogs and Sweet Brown Bears

I love country living and Fall is my absolute favorite time of year... I just need this time to slow down after hectic, hot and humid summer days.  The air smell sweet and I enjoy going for long walks with Jackie and Lucy.  Well… Luce only goes half way before she begs to be carried.  Recently, while cleaning out the basement of stuff that I don’t know why I kept all these years, even relocate from one continent to another with it,  I discovered my now teenage son’s  baby carrier.  It is an ideal doggie carrier for the Missy. 

The result of all the fresh air!

Lucy’s sweet little face is my inspiration for all my teddy bears.  Mandy is a cute chubby 6 inch girly bear and was created from a silvery tip, caramel and chocolate brown faux fur.   This is my first 'brown bear', and I think I like the look.


  1. Mandy - what a gorgeous lttle bear Delane! And oh my, how cute is little Missy Lucy! What a sweetheart!

    1. Thanks Hillary, glad you like Mandy. Lucy is my princess, love her to bits.