Saturday, January 5, 2013

Ordinary Days and Favorite Things

All the Christmas cookie tins are empty and the new year is well on its way already, yet, I am still in slumbering mode, enjoying the quiet snowy days.  Next week everything will be different, I will be back in the studio and  will be able to show you a brand new teddy bear, but for now I thought I will just share with you two of my favorite things.

Lovely Brumble...  when we adopted him from the Humane Society, he already spent six months there. Black cats are not popular it seems.   He is  the dearest little fat cat,  easy going, lovable,  tolerant and a 'heart mender'  His sweetness erased the sorrow  my teenager felt for a lost feline friend and put a smile back on his face.  I am so thankful this little kitty is part of our lives.

Then there is Panini, the terror of the home.  None of the other cats, except Brumble who doesn't take him seriously,  are  safe from his mean streaks.  He attacks and pounces all unexpected  furry critters at every chance he gets.  
Then he will  turn around, put on the sweetest face and in his best voice he will  say ''.  Literally!    Needless to say by the sound of 'mama', everything is forgiven.  Who cannot love such a face?

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