Monday, January 28, 2013

Tools of the Trade and Purple Cousins

This past week I was rearranging my studio, clearing it of the all unnecessary clutter.  This is no mean feat, because I’m a collector of all things beautiful.  My mom's only remark when she saw my studio for the first time was, 'Oh my, I'm glad I don't have to clean this"  

My studio is a large sunny room, with different 'medium stations', one for oil painting, another for watercolor, a drawing table for pencil work, an office section, a place where I take photographs and then of course my teddy bear corner.  As I was going through all the fabric and teddy bear accessories, I noticed my sewing needles and thought I'll give you a peek at my well used tools......!  I bet I’m not the only one whose sewing needles look like this!

I am currently working on a new pocket-mini bear cousin for Daisy.  It will be hand stitched from a soft purple faux fur with white accents and should be available for adoption here on my blog late Wednesday afternoon.

This is Daisy...

More details about Daisy are on the Available Bears page above.


  1. Love hearing about your studio! I dream of a sunny studio with lots of room, but am grateful for what I have. Yes, I have a few of those needles. Take care! Vicki

  2. Vicky, the bigger, the more clutter really. I used to have a 2 x 3m little room for a studio, with a table, a drawing board, one child, two dogs and three cats in there most of the time, and it was wonderful! We made such great memories in that little room.
    Take care, thanks for visiting.