Thursday, August 29, 2013

An Unproductive Summer and Soft Cuddly Bears

When you come for a visit to my studio, you might wonder why there are teddy bear limbs pinned to my pin board.  
Something I discovered this summer is that I do not like to work on more than one bear at a time.  
My sweet, well-meaning dh thought it would be a great idea to streamline my ‘production’ and cut out a few bears at a time. Then, ever so leisurely, finish all the arms, then all the legs, then the ears…  you get the picture.  
I tried, but it was killing my artistic soul. Tedious with no inspiration!   Now I have more than half a dozen unfinished bears in small plastic bags, pinned to my pin board and I just know I will never finish any of them.  

This week I have created this little girl.  She is a faux fur bear of approximately 5 inches from her head to her toes.  I love her chocolaty color, and her soft cuddly fur.

Kari is currently available for adoption.


  1. I'm with you. I like to do one bear at a time. Although that little panda face peeping out looks good.

  2. I understand you! I also tried it and I prefer to make one bear at a time.

  3. You are right! The assembly line is not creative. Last baby is so tender!!!
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