Saturday, January 18, 2014

Panini, the tiny Kitten

As you probably already know, I am a cat lover.  I love dogs too... and horses, but this is the story of Panini.

Panini is my little shadow, he needs to be near me, ALL. the. time, and I love having him around, he is so cute, and clever, and lovable.  

Then there's Napoleon,  a really, really big, black cat, with a kind heart and very little courage to stand up for himself.    

Panini biggest pleasure in life is to bully Napoleon where ever and when ever he gets the opportunity. I always have to be on the alert to keep Napoleon safe and because of this, Napoleon now has the alone privilege to live in my studio.  

Panini does not approve at all, HE wants to be the studio kitten.  So, to make it a bit easier on him, we installed a glass door to the studio, so that he can at least see me and feel part of  the daily activities here at AutumnWood Bear studios.

Poor, neglected Panini sits in front of the glass door and calls for me all day long.  Have you ever heard a cat says 'mama' in his sweetest, innocent voice?  It melts your heart. 

This is my artistic rendition of my dear Panini,  a tiny 4" fluffy kitten made of  soft grey faux fur.  He has hand painted glass eyes and a long fluffy tail.

This little Panini is currently available for adoption,  the real Panini will stay with his 'mama' forever.


  1. Oh what a sweet story. I am a kitten/cat lover also. Our little Katrina gets away with things her brother Pontus never got away with. He has since sadly gone from us, and we miss him dearly. They do have their unique personalities, don't they! I wonder how long you'll be able to hold out keeping Panini out of the studio :) Your rendition of him is precious. You did a beautiful job! Hugs, Vicki

  2. Both "Panini" are so cute! I love cats!!!! We have three cats, two live in our home and one in our studio, because they can not live together... same problem... ;O)))

    And.... all the best for the show for you too!!!

    Hugs Ute