Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Willow - Preview Bear for Online Show

I would like to share my little bear, Willow, with you today. She is my preview bear for the 'Who is Who in Bear Making' online show which will take place January 24 - 26, 2014. Willow is approximately 4" tall and  is made of grey and white faux fur. I have hand painted her glass eyes in a beautiful grey-ish-blue with some blue and green reflective sparkles that catch and play with the light.

I am not allowed to show any of the other AutumnWood bears that will be available for adoption, before the start of the show, but there will be two, or maybe three, other little friends, ranging from three to four inches, in light brow and grey fur. 

If you have time, please visit the 'Who is Who in Bear Making' page and vote for your favorite bear. There are many wonderful bears on the preview page from bear artists all over the world and I am sure there will be a bear just for you. 

This is the link to cast your vote: Who is Who in Bear Making Online Show

Willow will be available for adoption, together with her little AutumnWood Bear friends, on January 24th, directly from the show page.    If you like Willow, please visit her on the online show page, she would appreciate your vote ;) 
Hugs, Delane


  1. Willow is sooo cute! She will find a new home on January 24 th... I am sure... ;O)
    Hugs Ute

    1. Thank so much you, Ute, and all the best to you at the online show.
      Hugs, Delane

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Antonella, and welcome to my blog and FB.
      Hugs, Delane