Friday, February 28, 2014

The new Kitten on the Block

A new kitten...

 I absolutely enjoy sewing little kitten creatures, and this one was no exception. I just love everything about cats. Well, maybe not the hair they leave all over the house but apart from that, I cannot ever imagine my life without them.  My wish for my kittens is that they will all find a good, loving home. This little one was lucky and was adopted by a wonderful collector before I could even put the finishing touches on her. She will make her new home in the UK.


  1. Hi Delane, Asha is so beautiful! I really have so much respect for the way you succeed to make all the beautiful details and the gorgeous eyes! It always is a pleasure to have a look at your creations!!!

    Hugs! Pink

    1. Thank you Pink, really appreciate your very kind comments. Thanks for visiting.
      Many hugs, Delane

  2. Good morning Delane,
    I love all your work, but this little one has really touched my heart... I see why she was adopted so swiftly!
    Wishing you a beautiful week ahead

    1. Thank you so much Penny, it is always special to me to hear that someone loves my bears.
      Hugs, Delane