Thursday, October 1, 2015


Today I would like to introduce you to a sweet little girl, called Kailee.  Kailee is currently available on BearPile.  If you are interested in purchasing Kailee, please click on this BearPile link and it will take you to my store where you could adopt Kailee securely through Paypal.

Kailee is created from a beautiful dense long pile fur.  Her head and body is a creamy beige color and her arms are made of a darker warm brown fur with dark tips.

She measures approximately 10 inches standing, which she does with a bit of assistance.  Her arms have wire armature and are pose-able.

Kailee has beautiful, green sparkling eyes.  I hand painted her glass eyes in shades of  jade green with specs of golden brown.  She also has under eye accents.  Her face is shaded in different colors of sienna and hazelnut browns.  Kailee's nose is made of wool.  It has been sealed and securely attached to her face.

Kailee's front and rear paws are made of dark brown ultra suede and she has tiny pulled toes and fingers, which have been shade for a nice effect.

Kailee has a dark burgundy organza ribbon with a few green ribbon strands in her hair.  It is not permanently attached and can be removed.
Kailee will come beautifully gift boxed with her own certificate of authenticity hang tag.