Kind Words from Collectors

Here are a few comments from collectors who have adopted a little bear.  This page is still a work in progress and more comments and photos will be added in time.
To protect the privacy of collectors,  no names  were included.  If you are a collector and would prefer your comment to be removed, feel free to contact me. 

 Pumpkin arrived today - what a lovely Sunday surprise and she's even more beautiful in person! I love the colors that you used and I found the most perfect place for her - love her. Thank you for another wonderful creation! Best wishes and bear hugs - J - USA

Nini arrived, GORGEOUS! I love her and her eyes are so piercing, her glance just seems to follow you!  The dragonfly, bringing good fortune, is so cute on her fur and the little crystal on her blue nose is added bling, and the bell she wears hanging around her neck, falls to her toes.  All these characteristics make her darling, like a little waif, you can’t help by adopt.  My girls, really my dolls, all want to hold her in the cabinet.  I will have to see which one, in their bet outfit, looks like she belongs to Nini! Thanks again!!
B - US

Hi Delane,
your wonderful kitten arrived securely. Thanks so much for your support within the transaction.
I am sure we will once do another transaction again :-)
Until then have a great time.
Best regards
B - Germany

Hi Delane,

GOOD NEWS…little BeeBee has arrived safely at her new home and I am delighted with this adorable Bun J.  I appreciate the care you obviously took in packaging her up beautifully and securely – lovely presentation!  I am happy to add BeeBee to my collection and will take good care of her always.  Love her little rabbit charm too.  Thank you for a happy adoption.  Wishing you all the best and a Happy Spring!

Bunny Hugs,

C - Canada

Hi Delane,
   I am so pleased to be adopting from you again and I think Buttercup is really exceptional in every way. Her face alone is outstanding, but combined with her marvelous coloring and beautiful fur she is one and lovable precious cat. I am just thrilled to have be able to give her her new home 
         Many hugs to you & Buttercup,
                E - USA

Hi Delane...I just wanted to let you know Zoe arrived safely on Saturday. She has such a sweet expression filled face-I love her tiny eyelashes! You do beautiful work!
Zoe makes a wonderful addition to my little menagerie of miniature animals and critters. Thanks so much!!!
Best regards,
J - USA 

Hi Delane, that was super fast! My little Jaynee arrived already and I just love her to pieces!! Thank you so much for creating her!

Hugs,  D - USA

Hello Delane

 Hope you are well.

 Little Turi has arrived safely today. She is absolutely stunning she is gorgeous thank you so much for sending her to me so promptly. She has settled in nicely with her sisters Kari, ZinZin, Shay and Chocolette :)

I will send you a picture of them all together.

 Thank you so much again

Take care
Lots of love
 K - UK

  I just wanted to let you know how surprised and happy I was today to receive zorky from my beautiful girls for my birthday ­čśÇ­čśÇ.  I am so happy with her, thank you so very much for making the day so special and memorable for me.

Hi Delane,
I hope you are enjoying the weekend.  I just had to drop you a line to let you know how sweet Milli Mouse is.  Thank you for the lovely packaging job – Milli looked so adorable snuggled in with her tissue paper blanket.  Thanks also for the Tea that looked like a piece of cheese J.
Wishing you all the best,
C - Canada
P.S.  I love Milli’s little mouth.

Hi Delane,
Meadows arrived today. He is absolutely fantastic. Really pleased. He is now all wrapped up under the tree. I am sure my wife will drop you a line when she sees him on Christmas Day. She has already added herself to your mailing list after seeing all the other bears you have made.
Thank you once again. Hope you have a great Christmas.
R - UK

Hello Delane

I hope you are well?

Little Dominic arrived today, she is stunning, she is pleased to arrive here she had a very long journey. I absolutely love her, thank you for the excellent service as always Delane :)

Take care and lots of love

K - UK

Hi Delane, 
Strawberry and Coconut came in the mail today. I was so excited when they arrived, even my little puppy came over to see what was wrong with me, because I just couldn't contain myself, LOL! They are absolutely adorable. Once again, they are even more beautiful and irresistible in person, which I didn't think was possible, given that they were already super cute in the pictures you've sent me. Once again I am truly impressed by your work, this little set really stands out in my collection of bears (I've attached a picture of them sitting next to Anisha in my hug!). They really are among my favorites, I'm so delighted that I'm am able to have a few of your beautiful pieces in my collection! Thank you again for making them for me, they really will be cherished for years to come! 

-E - USA

Hi Delane,

Just to let you know Truffles arrived safe and sound today. 

 Many thanks for all you help in making sure she got here safe, she is so cute and I am really pleased with her.

 Again many thanks.


Hi Delane – Gertie arrived today – she’s adorable.   I hope my friend loves her, but, if she doesn’t, I’m happy to keep her for myself!! LOL   Thank you and happy Valentine’s Day!  Hugs- J  USA

Hi Delane – Missy arrived and she’s just too cute for words – can’t stop playing with her!   I love the shading and colors – adorable!   Thank you – can’t wait to see Petunia!   Hugs - J  USA

Hi Delane, Hope your family had a wonderful Christmas. I just wanted to tell you that the cat arrived about 3 days before Christmas. No trouble or damage of any kind. He is really cute, I love how you shaded his face with blues and greys and made him all the more look like my Schyler as he is a blue mittted pure ragdoll cat. I also love the long tail .Very happy with him. Do you ever make bigger sizes like a 10 or 12 inch cat? Thanks again and hope 2015 is a healthy and happy one for you and your family.    C - USA

Dear Delane,
Happy to tell you that little Madelaine arrived today! She is such a sweet little girl, although she looks a little shy and timid. Well, no wonder, after the long journey to the other side of the world, all by herself. I am sure that after sleeping one night in her new home and getting to know all her new bear friends, she will feel at home and be more secure.
Now we will make a nice cup of tea (Thank you!) with LOTS of honey!
With warm hugs and best wishes,
H - Finland,  and Madelaine 


I just wanted to let you know that beautiful Kyomi arrived safely to my house.  What an awesome little girl.  I love her.  Thank you for letting me adopt her and for the tea. 

Bear Hugs,


Received Kelsy safely. haven't been able to spend more time with her yet, but many thanks a lot for quick shipping it for me.




I just wanted to let you know that Honey arrived safely.  He is beautiful.  Thank you for letting me adopt him and for allowing me to use lay away.  Thanks for the tea also.  


Hi Delane
Xin Xin arrived safe & sound a couple of days ago - he is gorgeous!
Thank-you very much!
Love H - UK

Hi, Delane,
I just wanted to let you know that sweet Fendi made it safely to my house even in that big snowstorm.  We got 30 inches of the white stuff.  Thank you so much for letting me adopt her.  I just love her!!
Bear Hugs,
 S - USA
Hi Delane,
I just received Clover today. She is exceptionally sweet! Thank you so much for creating this adorable little bear. L - Canada

Hi Delane!!  Timo is home!  I can’t believe how fast!!  How wonderful! 
I didn’t think it was possible but Timo is ten times cuter in real life!!!  Absolutely adorable – love him!  Thanks also for the nice treat of tea I love it!
I look forward to seeing your new babies in the future!
Thanks again!
Have a great week!
J - Texas

Oh my days!!!!! I have just received Zeko!!! How cute is he!!!!???? I don't think I've ever seen anything as cute as he is!!  I just want to say thank you so, so much! He melted my heart as soon as I took him out of his box. I will love and treasure him forever. Thank you again from me and little Zeko  xxx

I tried sending you a message on your facebook page but it didn’t seem to want to work. I just wanted to tell you that Zeko arrived about an hour ago and I cannot believe just how cute he is.. I knew he was cute by looking at his pictures but oh my days!!! In real life he’s unbelievably adorable!!! He melted my heart as soon as I took him out of his box ( the box and the butterfly were such a lovely touch by the way thank you, ) I have collected many different bears but honestly none of them had such an impact when I looked at their little faces. You have created something very special I will love and cherish Zeko forever and maybe at some point I can find him a little female friend from you Thank you so much for letting me adopt Zeko, I already love him so much.
sending lots of love and hugs from me and Zeko
A - UK

Hello Delane,

I hope you are well, little Kari arrived today, wow she is stunning I love her, she is so delicate and just gorgeous. Thank you so much for the outstanding delivery. But also I would like to say a massive thank you for making such a beautiful little bear, she arrived just in time for my birthday. I am thrilled with her. 
Thank you so very much and I am sure you will be hearing from me in the future as your bears are divine.
 Thank you again Delane
 Take care and lots of bear hugs
 K.  -  UK

Hi! Flopsy is here, and she is absolutely adorable! Thank you so much for the little gift as well. =)
 K. - Singapore

Hi Delane! I found Zuri hiding in my mailbox today. Her fluffy face made me laugh when I opened the box. She is absolutely adorable! Thank you so much for letting me adopt her. Now I can hardly wait to see Roxy ;)
K,  Flopsy and Zuri ^_^ - Singapore

Hi Delane, that was super fast! My little Jaynee arrived already and I just love her to pieces!! Thank you so much for creating her!
Hugs,  D.  - California

I just love little Blu!  He is fabulous!  Thanks so much for creating such a wonderful little friend for me!
 Love and hugs,
D. and Blu  KY, USA

Hi, Delane
 Fummel arrived yesterday and she is absolutely adorable!
 Thanks so much and have a great weekend!
 Sincerely and Bear and Bunny Hugs,
J. - California

Dear Delane, I have a very good news :-) Fanfan is safe at home ! He is so cute, a very little little bear ! He is near Peety and there is a "big" diff├ęrence ;-) Thank you very for creating so adorables bears !
Hugs, N.- Belgium 

Dear Delane,
A wee friend arrived today. She is beautiful. I think you need to find an alternative way of photographing your little beasts because she is twice as pretty in person/bearson(?) She is downright adorable. Very nice work indeed. I also love lavender.
You have made such a sunny little face for her. She can't help but brighten every day. Thank you so much. I shall be watching your work carefully!
Many hugs,   A  -  USA

I really love Maggi! When I opened the box those blue eyes seemed to say Please get me out of this box! ,Thank you again for a wonderful bear.   
S - Washington,USA

 Received Kelsy safely. haven't been able to spend more time with her yet, but many thanks a lot for quick shipping it for me.
A - California

Hello delane
I wanted to tell you that I received my little bear BANJI.
I'm really satisfied and really happy, because he's so cute, and thanks a
lot for the small gift and the nice box.
Did you create other bears ?
A pleasure to buy another one soon, perhaps....
Thanks again and best regards.
N. - France

Dear Delane,  Milo is adorable and he made himself a permanent fixture 
in the tea house. Crumpet has won my heart absolutely. What a precious 
little thing. I love him/her. Hugs, A  - NH,USA

Hey Delane
I received the little ones.  All are just so adorable.  Thank you so much...
K.  -  VA, USA

Hallo Delane,
Vandaag is Squiki aangekomen. Wat zat hij leuk verpakt zo in een blikje! Ontzettend knap gedaan, zo´n klein beertje. 

Groetjes S - The Netherlands

Hi Delane,
After having to wait until this morning I finally have Brinley in my hands . She is so adorable and more than worth the wait :) You always pack them so lovingly and I love the boxes they've all arrived in ;)
Zeko, Dani and Brinley look so cute altogether <3 I will send you a picture! And I will be on the lookout for number 4 soon :) everyone I show them too loves them :)
I hope you're well and happy, I just wanted to say a big, big thank you for creating and letting me adopt my favourite little bears :)
Love and hugs
A -  UK

Dear Delane, the little sweet Fuzzle has arrived safely at home! How lovely! I closed the little one firmly in my heart! Thank you, warm greetings - S. ;0)))
- Switzerland

Hi Delane! 
Roxy is here, and I think she is the smallest of all my little bears, haha! I love her cute little eyebrows. Thanks so much... I hope you have a lovely week! =)
K. - Singapore

Dear Delane,
I have a very good news :-) Fanfan is safe at home ! He 
is so cute, a very little little bear ! He is near Peety and there is a 
"big" diff├ęrence ;-) Thank you very for creating so adorables bears ! 
Hugs, N.- Belgium 

Hello Delane, 
YES YES YES Sourire ├ęclatant Sourire ├ęclatant Sourire ├ęclatant He is really wonderful, so cute !  
Thank you very much Delane Rose rougeRose rougeRose rouge I love this little bear, I'm so happy Sourire ├ęclatant
Have a nice day, and one more time thank you very much
N. - Belgium
Hi Delane, Little Nicky is safe and sound in his new home. He is absolutely beautiful and I just wanted to thank you again for creating him. I really love this little guy. Happy New Year. C. - Mi, USA

Hi Delane, Biffi arrived this morning. It is beautiful and I congratulate you for your work. N. - Switzerland

Hi Delane,
Misti arrived safely, and has since squeezed herself comfortably into my basket
of little bears. I hope you have a wonderful week ^_^
Looking forward to more lovely little bears! =)
K - Singapore

Hi Delane
Just wanted to let you know I received little Scruffy today. He is just so sweet.
Thank you and have a great weekend!
K. - VA, USA 

You are not gone believe it, but Yun Yun arrives this morning in 
Belgium. I think she had a vip ticket to Belgium. She is so sweet. 
I love her very much. Thank you very much. Have a nice weekend ! Hugs V. - Belgium

Hi Delane Ek het nou net vir Mimi by Cassie gekry en oh my word!! Sy is die oulikste dingetjie ooit! Jy is baie kunstig en talentvol, baie baie dankie dat jy haar vir my gestuur het. Mimi is baie spesiaal vir my, ook omdat ek deur haar vir julle ontmoet het. Ek gaan haar baie mooi oppas. Geniet jou week Delane,dis nie meer lank nie dan is D. weer by die huis :)
Vriendelike groete E - South Africa XoxoX

Hihi! Remy got here in record time. Thanks so much for the lovely container! I was absolutely thrilled when I saw it =)
Have a wonderful week! ^_^
K - Singapore

I just received Josey this morning. She is very cute! The tea and fragrant sachet was also a nice touch.
 L. - Canada

Hello Delane
Hazel arrived today and is so extremely cute. I fell in love with her immediately. She has
such a cute little face.
I love her. Thanks again.

Hi Delane!
Delzy is here safe and sound, and adding extra cuteness to my bear collection!
 ^_^ Thanks so much, and I hope the weather stays warm for you!
Hugs, K. - Singapore

Hi Delane, Sorry for the delay. Gigi arrived and is wonderful as expected. Thank you very much! Best wishes, G. - UK 

Good Afternoon Delane.  Sophie just arrived.  She is absolutely precious.  She definitely makes me smile.  So tiny and so sweet!  I will treasure her always.  Looking forward to your future "tiny" creations.  Hugs, C - USA